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The Best Registry Cleaner

If you're running Windows on your computer then you may want to consider using a registry cleaner from time to time. Registry cleaner software clears unnecessary registry keys from the Windows registry. These registry keys build up and cause errors disrupting the performance of your computer. Running a registry cleaner will clear them out and keep your computer running smoothly.

So if you've already decided to invest in a registry cleaner, you just need to pick which one. You will come across several of these applications during your search for the best one so ...

What Criteria Do the Best Registry Cleaners Have?

For one, the best registry cleaners need to have a back-up and restore function. Deleting the wrong registry key can impact the way your computer works. Therefore, you need to be able to restore the system to its original state just in case something goes wrong during the clean. The best registry cleaners automatically back-up your registry and will restore it with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Another important feature in registry cleaner software is how well it scans your Windows registry and finds extraneous registry keys. As you can imagine, some registry cleaners are just more advanced than others. You want an application that will search out the problem keys and delete them for you.

These are the top two features we suggest looking for when searching for a registry cleaner. In addition, you may want a program that will allow you to manually delete the registry keys if you wish (as opposed to just automatically deleting them for you). This can come in handy if you are a more advanced user. Some registry cleaner software also allows you to manage your start-up menu with just a few clicks. This is also a plus.

While there are many to choose from, we believe the best registry cleaner is RegCure. This software has all the features listed above and a few more. RegCure is also very easy to use. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have RegCure scanning your PC for unused registry keys; speeding it up significantly.


RegCure FREE Trial
Just click on one of the RegCure download links, click 'run' in the window that pops up. RegCure will be installed on your PC.

Find out how many registry errors RegCure finds on your computer by using the 'scan' feature in the free trial version.

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